Dental implantology

If someone thinks that implantation is usually done only in the absence of a large number of teeth, then he is mistaken. Of course, when there are almost no teeth left, implantation comes to the rescue. In this case, only it exists as an alternative to removable dental prosthetics. But is it worth waiting for this almost most unpleasant moment - a great loss of teeth? After all, implantation can, or even rather must be done in the absence of just a couple of teeth.

What is a dental implant? This is a titanium screw or cylinder fully compatible with the tissues of the oral cavity, absolutely safe for your body. It will not be difficult to restore a lost tooth with it. To create the so-called artificial “root system”, the implant is screwed into the bone of the upper or lower jaw, and on top of it, or rather, on its upper part, which is called the abutment, a crown or bridge is put on. This is how the patient receives a completely new tooth that can perform all functions instead of the lost tooth. Feel the difference between dental implantation and prosthetics! The procedure for installing a bridge is quite complicated, and not the most pleasant, because it is a fixed prosthesis, which is fixed with cement and can become one of the causes of defects in other teeth. By the way, this prosthesis also needs to be ground down, more often - to depulp, that is, to remove the nerve from healthy teeth in order to prepare a place for the supporting crowns. In addition, no matter how skillfully the “bridge” is made, it will still not be able to perfectly match the natural shape of the teeth: it gives no effect of separating them from each other. A removable denture must be constantly removed, thoroughly cleaned, and the denture itself is not so convenient, because you have to regularly wear “teeth” in your mouth, which are attached in the oral cavity, resting on the toothless part of the jaw.

So is it worth spoiling healthy teeth if only one is lost? And constantly complex because of a removable denture, which requires frequent cleaning, regardless of where you are? What for? Science has been measuring seven-league strides towards new inventions for a long time, and the Dr. Okoneshnikov’s Center for Implant & Esthetic Dentistry in Oryol keeps pace with progress. The introduction of dental implantation into the complex of dental services in our clinic is a vivid confirmation of this.

Why implantation? This is one of the most effective ways to install a new tooth without grinding the adjacent teeth. And depending on the state of the bone tissue, that is, if it takes a significant amount of time to install the implant, this procedure can be performed in two stages. Dental implantation is a worthy replacement for prosthetics. Just imagine how many advantages it has:

  • it is possible to implant both one lost tooth and the entire dentition,
  • implantation prevents bone atrophy after tooth loss,
  • it protects your gums: there is no pressure on the gums, which can lead to the development of gingivitis, as is often the case with conventional prosthetics,
  • it preserves the effect of isolation of adjacent healthy teeth,
  • the implanted tooth looks almost natural,
  • with the complete absence of teeth, implantation makes it possible to use a wide variety of prostheses (removable, fixed and conditionally removable),
  • no food restrictions,
  • it provides a painless implant replacement, unlike a bridge, which is torn off the teeth with special tools,
  • it will last longer than conventional prosthetics.

Do not give into the misconception that age is considered a hindrance to dental implantation. In fact, age is not a contraindication for having a beautiful smile. Contact the Dr. Okoneshnikov’s Center for Implant & Esthetic Dentistry in Oryol, and you will get an excellent cosmetic result. Experienced and qualified doctors will assess the condition of your teeth and, regardless of whether it is a single defect or complete loss of teeth, our doctors will give you the opportunity to eat whatever you want.